Team Building Cooking Classes

I customize a team building workshop to your needs, based on information I gather from you and your team members. The workshop is interactive with fun and challenging activities designed specifically for what your team needs.

I have a well stocked pantry of team building ingredients from which I create a recipe for this workshop that is easy to digest and good for you!

After the workshop, we participate in a cooking class as a team, led by a qualified chef. You and your team get to create a meal that you’ll eat together and celebrate your accomplishment.

This interactive process works – because the way a team does anything is how a team does everything. You’ll get to use the kitchen as a metaphor for how you work together and have fun while you are learning!

I partner with local cooking class venues (Sur La Table, Sizzleworks, etc.) and can set up workshops in your offices or off-site locations as needed.

Contact me to learn more and “get cooking” on your team’s success!